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Dear story-lover:

I know you are a story-lover, otherwise you would have clicked away by now. Anyway, who doesn’t love a good story?

The Arabs are famous story-tellers, have been for millennia. But I never realized how brilliant their stories were until I went to live in Kuwait about twenty years ago.

As we sat up late at night in diwaniyahs … private rooms where Kuwaitis entertain their friends and anything goes! … I heard hundreds of fascinating stories.

In the morning, I would write them down as best I could remember them. Later, when I was the editor of Kuwait this month, I shaped them up and published them in that magazine, one a month.

They were a huge success and one of the reasons Kuwait this month became so popular. Children loved them and adults found them absolutely fascinating.

So I decided to share the stories with the wider world. Hence this book Arabic Tales for the young and the curious.

But first I had to find some illustrations … illustrations that would do justice to the ancient world of Arabia and the twisting plots in these tales.

My good friend Abbas, the best illustrator in Kuwait, decided to paint a series of water-colours to complement the stories. As you’ll see … they are superb!

But what are the stories about?

Well, in Arabic Tales for the young and the curious you can read about:

  • A farmer who understands the language of animals
  • A man whose curiosity causes him to loose everything, including his beloved
  • The strange ways in which dreams may come true
  • How envy and greed cause the betrayal of friendship
  • A trickster who relies on disbelief
  • A famous cobbler’s caravan that may or may not have existed

Kinda weirdly curious, intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? You will when you delve into these strange story-worlds of fabulous characters caught up in some very exciting situations indeed.

As always with the best folk stories, the themes are universal. These wondrous stories could be set anywhere, in any culture, and they would still be fascinating. Not least about what they say about human nature.

Electronic or printed book

Arabic Tales for the young and the curious is available as an e-book in most formats (Kindle, ePub, PDF etc) and as a traditional printed book.

You can read these intriguing tales yourself. Or you can give them to your children to read on their own – knowing that they contain nothing offensive.

The best thing, of course, is that you can read them out to your kids and watch their faces as you capture their attention as never before ….. as they follow the simple but twisty adventures of a host of interesting adventurers ….. such as Ma’aruf the Cobbler, Ibrahim the Curious, and Abu Kir the Betrayer.

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An ideal GIFT for all children between the ages of eight and eighty!

Enter a new story world of magic and strange happenings

Remember the camel trains and dhows of yore? The peoples of ancient Arabia were great traders, travelling from the Mediterranean to the Far East to bring back spices and other luxuries.

These intrepid merchants also came back with treasure-troves of stories which they refashioned and retold as their own. Indeed some Arabic folk-tales are set in India and China … just think of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, for instance.

In these tales, magic is fact. It exists! It is part of the story-world. For the original listeners in the Bedouin camps this would have been normal as the jinn and other spirits were a part of everyday life.

Timeless stories based on the folk-tales of ancient Arabia, as once told around the Bedouin cooking pots and to sleepless children in their tents … these stories and lots more like them are, believe it or not, still being told throughout the Arabian Gulf Peninsula … continuing to thrill even the most sophisticated modern listeners.

Enter the story world of Arabic Tales for the young and curious … just $2.99 for the e-book.

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Readers from around the world praise the magic of Arabic Tales for the young and the curious

Zehra Karachiwala, Kuwait, says:

All the stories are great. I remember when some of these stories first appeared years ago in Kuwait this month and I always felt they should be published in book form as a collection. Paul Kennedy has a very engaging way of writing and the illustrations, which I never saw before, are superb. I’m looking forward to getting Arabic Tales Book II as soon as it is published.

Jennifer Higgins, Ireland, says:

Each story is a perfect gem.

Patrick Dower, Brazil, says:

Written in beautiful rhythmic English by a master story-teller, and illustrated by one of the finest painters in Arabia, this compendium of thrilling folk-tales will enchant children and adults alike.

Jason Meredith, UK, says

This is a marvellous collection of short stories. My favourite is the Ox and the Donkey, a really amusing little tale about a donkey trying to teach an ox how to skive off work and how it all back-fired on the donkey. A great gift that can be read time and time again by all ages.

Judy MacDonald, USA, says

Arabic Tales for the young and the curious is aptly titled. I was intrigued when I first saw it. And I wasn’t disappointed. These are the sort of stories that satisfy our curiosity while carrying us along with real thrill-a-minute plots. Though written at the reading level of a smart 10-year old, there is plenty in this book for adults also. The tales are really amazing and I love the pictures. A great book for the holidays or some-one’s birthday no matter what age they are.

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So what are you waiting for? In just a few minutes you could be enthralling your family and friends with some of the most exciting stories ever written and wowing them with the finest illustrations ever drawn.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Kennedy

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PPS – Look out for Book II of Arabic Tales for the young and the curious. It may be out soon. When it is published we can send you an email if you have used out contact form.